Who's Winning E3? Day 3

It's not the taking part that counts.

Here are Eurogamer's top ten most-read E3 articles, as of 3pm Wednesday. Just to be clear, these aren't our personal picks - their position in the chart is based on website stats and actual maths. High level, complex maths, definitely not done by someone who got a B at GCSE on a Texas Instruments Little Professor calculator.

On Day 1 of E3 it was all about the NGP. By Day 2 the focus had shifted, putting Microsoft's conference in the top spot. Now all the platform holder events have finished, what are you clicking on most?


1. Microsoft E3 conference live text

Still at number one for a second day running, it's Microsoft with "Have Some More Kinect (And a Bit of Halo)". They did get to go first, mind.

2. Nintendo E3 conference live text

Straight in at two, here comes Nintendo and "Ain't No Party Like a Wii U Party". Is it a console? Is it a controller? Is it going to cost £5000? Click to find out! Or not.

3. Sony E3 conference live text

Down in third is Sony with double A-side "Sorry Sorry Sorry / But Look Here's Something Shiny (Rear Touch Remix)". But let's be fair - their conference was in the middle of the night.

4. Halo 4 confirmed by Microsoft

Dropping down one spot into fourth it's "Who Says Trilogies Come in Three Parts?" by Master Chief and the Spartans.

Meet the Spartans.

5. NGP Hands-on

Going strong at five, it's "Vita Signs" by the artist formerly known as NGP. It's probably time to stop this now isn't it.

6. Nintendo Wii U Specs Emerge

Brand new and in at six, here's Wii U with "Specs Machine". Yep, definitely.

7. F1 2011 preview

Someone must have put sugar in this article's gas tank because it's taking a pit stop at aaaaaa save us O Great Redeemer are we really only half-way through the week?

8. NGP's backwards compatibility revealed

So just to tally up that's Daxter, Puzzle Quest, the God of War thing, Loco Roco. There MUST be some other good ones. What about Hot Shots Golf? No, you're right, forget it.

Nintendo's Miyamoto and Iwata have a chinwag.

9. Nikkei leaks Project Café details

Everyone can stop clicking on this now. The details are out and it's not called Project Café any more. Just saying.

10. Project Café Becomes Wii U

See? Told you.

That's it for now. Tune in again at 3pm tomorrow to find out answers to important questions like: Does Microsoft still have the most popular press conference? What to people want to read about more, the PS Vita or the Wii U? Are there any more racing car metaphors left in the world? See you then!

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