wipEout 2048 revealed

NGP racer features cross-platform play.

Sony has unveiled an all-new wipEout for the NGP, and it's the first game to feature cross-platform play between the forthcoming handheld and the PlayStation 3.

wipEout 2048 acts as a prequel of sorts to the long-running futuristic racing series, taking place four years before the setting of the 1995 PSone original.

Studio Liverpool is working on the game, and has multiplayer races up and running with the PlayStation 3's wipEout HD in what's the first example of cross-platform play between Sony's home console and its new handheld.

The game explores the origins of the F-3600 anti-gravity racing league, and its races take place in familiar cities. Early demos showed off New York city, and there will be 10 original tracks to follow.

There's no word on a release date, though it's likely to be a launch title for NGP. Precise timings for the launch of the NGP – as well as its final name – are expected to be revealed at next week's E3.

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