Uncharted NGP named Golden Abyss

Set before Drake’s Fortune.

The NGP's Uncharted finally has a name, and it's been revealed that the game is set before the events of the PlayStation 3's Drake's Fortune.

Uncharted: Golden Abyss is developed by Sony Bend, the Oregon-based studio that previously worked on the Syphon Filter series as well as the PSP's Resistance Retribution.

Sony Bend's take on Naughty Dog's much-loved adventure series was the star of the NGP's reveal in Tokyo earlier this year, and a recent press event revealed more details behind the game.

Golden Abyss is written by Sony Bend's John Garvin, with Naughty Dog creative director Amy Hennig lending a hand. Its story is told with nearly two hours of cut-scenes, with performances captured at Naughty Dog's own studios.

Although details are still vague on Golden Abyss's story, it's to be a standalone-story taking place before Drake's Fortune, and it sees Nathan Drake on the trail of a missing expedition and in search of a mythical lost city.

The gameplay stays largely faithful to the third person exploration and cover-based shooting of the PS3 games, occasionally throwing in sections that utilize the NGP's touch screen, touch pad and motion controls.

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