Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 uses CryEngine 3

In-game screenshot shows graphical scope.

Shooter sequel Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 will run on Crytek's fancy new CryEngine 3.

Developer City Interactive has released the first image from the game, showing an intricately detailed exterior of what appears to be a Tibetan monastery. Himalayan mountains rise in the background. The player, naturally, holds a scoped rifle in hand.

CryEngine 3 debuted in Crytek's own FPS Crysis 2. The engine allows for advanced lighting and extraordinarily detailed environments.

The original Sniper, launched on PC and Xbox 360 last year, took a critical bullet to the head. Eurogamer awarded 2/10. That bullet wasn't fatal, however, as sturdy sales prompted a revised PS3 port to be released last month.

City Interactive has its sights set on a 2012 release for Sniper 2.

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