Podcast #69

L.A. Noire! Battlefield 3! Martin Robinson!

Do you like L.A. Noire, meeting new people and half-hearted debates about retailer attempts to secure sales by offering exclusive pre-order deals? Then you'd better download the podcast, STAT!

We say hello to a new face (or rather voice) this week, as recently hired features editor Martin Robinson makes his debut on the podcast. Joining him in the "studio" are Tom Bramwell, Ellie Gibson and "host" Tom Champion.

First up is a discussion about pre-order plans for Battlefield 3, a news story which Champo definitely sifted through pages of headlines to find and didn't just stick a pin in the website while blindfolded.

Then there's some chat about L.A. Noire. Martin and Tom B reveal what they think of the game, whether all the fancy motion capture lives up to the hype and where they stand on that controversial review score. Ellie and Tom C just talk about Coin Drop and Snake.

It's Martin's turn to tell us what games he'd take to Sandy Isle this week. Then we reveal the results of the L.A. Noire Metabet and predict the numbers for an equally massive forthcoming release.

With all that out of the way, it's time for a farewell from one member of the team and the last HYPHEN for quite some time.

And finally, David goes to Lower Loxley to use the aerator on the parkland. He pops into The Bull on his way home and chats to Jolene and Kenton about the single wicket competition.

The Podcast is published each Tuesday at 3pm UK time. She'll be back in time for the Olympics.

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