New evidence for Bungie's Destiny MMO

Trademarks, logo spotted.

New evidence has come to light adding credence to reports earlier this year that former Halo studio Bungie is working on an MMO called Destiny.

As reported by, a company called Podophobia Entertainment set up by two Bungie employees Harold Ryan and Martin O'Donnell filed a trademark for something called Destiny in 2009, and renewed it in March this year.

The listing describes it as "computer game software downloadable from a global computer network." Also included is a logo, which you can see below.

The report notes that a NeoGAF poster spotted the same design on a T-shirt worn by a Bungie employee during a recent Penny Arcade video.

Podophobia has also trademarked 'Be Brave', with a near identical product description.

Speculation that Bungie's new franchise for Activision is called Destiny dates back to February when a laid-off contractor leaked the alleged name to Kotaku, describing it in crude terms as "WOW in space".


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