Duke Nukem and… Kate Middleton?

The Royal Kiss DLC hits Yoostar 2.

We're pretty sure the Royal Kiss didn't go down like this.

First-person shooter star Duke Nukem gazes lovingly into the eyes of Kate Middleton atop the balcony of Buckingham Palace – but where's Prince William?

He's gone.

The image is part of promotion for Kinect movie karaoke game Yoostar 2, which has just released the Royal Wedding scene – watched by over two billion people around the globe – as free downloadable content.

It allows you to place yourself in the scene. If you want. You can then share it on YouTube and Facebook. If you want.

Grab the DLC from the Xbox Live Marketplace or the Yoostore.

Duke Nukem Forever, the long-awaited FPS from Gearbox, is due out next month. He gets about a bit, doesn't he?

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