PS3 Fallout DLC "earliest date possible"

Honest Hearts at mercy of PSN restoration.

The continued absence of a PlayStation Store means Fallout: New Vegas - Honest Hearts will release on "the earliest date possible" on PS3, Bethesda has said.

Xbox Live and Steam welcome the add-on on 17th May.

Honest Hearts takes you to a post-apocalyptic Zion National Park in Utah. There, raiders attack your caravan - and so begins your role in the conflict between the warring factions of a New Canaanite missionary and the Mysterious Burned Man.

On Monday, Sony announced that PSN services won't return until later this week - "it will likely be a few more days," the comms chief Patrick Seybold said.

First to be restored will be online PS3 gaming and matchmaking. It's thought the PlayStation Store will be the last of the features to return.

Honest Hearts.

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