L.A. Noire will debut the Rockstar Pass

An EA Online Pass copycat?

Next Tuesday a Rockstar Pass will be available to download for L.A. Noire on Xbox Live.

This Pass costs 800 Microsoft Points.

But what is it? There's no explanation given.

The name Rockstar Pass suggests an emulation of the EA Online Pass - a code that must be entered either to play multiplayer or download additional game content. In L.A. Noire's case, this is presumably the latter, as Rockstar will add more crime capers called Cases for players to download and solve.

We've put a query into Rockstar.

L.A. Noire arrives next Friday. It's a detective game spun from film noire inspiration, hence the name. The boast of L.A. Noire is an unprecedented approach to facial motion capture, whereby an actor's performance is mapped almost 1:1 into the final game. The impressive result is a necessity: readable expressions - can you spot the liar?

Eurogamer investigated L.A. Noire at the end of March.

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