Metro 2034 becomes Metro: Last Light

Sequel to tense, atmospheric shooter.

Tense post-apocalyptic Russian shooter Metro 2034 will henceforth be known as Metro: Last Light.

Publisher THQ announced the name change during a boring-snoring earnings call yesterday.

We'd been tipped off in April about the name change, however, when THQ trademarked various Last Light website addresses.

Metro: Last Light is a sequel to Metro 2033, an unexpectedly well received game about shooting mutated zombie monster things in Russian subways.

Eurogamer awarded Metro 2033 an 8/10 for a "carefully written" and "lavishly imagined" romp. Reviewer Jim Rossignol also thought Metro 2033 was "one of the best-looking" games on Xbox 360.

Buoyed buy Metro 2033's reception, THQ has promised Kiev-based developer 4A-Games more money to develop Metro: Last Light, both to better polish the game and to market it to a wider audience.

There's a chance that the sequel could spread from PC and Xbox 360 onto PS3 as well.

Metro 2033.

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