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Deal of the Week

Nintendo 3DS bundles, from 189.99 delivered.

It's not even been out a month, but GAME is already offering some fairly decent discounts on the 3DS when bought with a game.

For 189.99 you can get the console with Super Monkey Ball or The Sims 3. For 199.99 you can get a bundle with either Nintendogs + Cats: Golden Retriever, LEGO Star Wars III: The Clone Wars or Super Street Fighter IV.

If you're just after the console (I know lots of people are holding out for Ocarina of Time), you could buy the Super Monkey Ball bundle and trade the game in for 25 at Gamestation via CEX pricematch.

Oli's extensive 3DS review is a great summary of why you should be interested, and if you fancy trying the 3D effect yourself before putting your money down, every GAME branch I've been in over the last few weeks has had a demo unit to try. Not that I trawl them or anything (I do).

The display is way more 3Der in person.

Also of note this week...

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