Fallout: New Vegas patch due before DLC

Should release in next couple of weeks.

Bethesda will patch post-apocalyptic role-playing game Fallout: New Vegas before it releases the next paid downloadable content widely rumoured to be called Honest Hearts.

The PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 patch implements optimizations and stability improvements, senior producer Jason Bergman wrote on the Bethesda forum.

Bergman and his team worked with Sony and Microsoft to identify issues, "and we have fixed a great deal of the crashes and lockups that people were experiencing." The patch also tweaks weapon balance.

Bergman said the patch should release in the next couple of weeks. An announcement on the next DLC is "coming very soon".

Another update is planned. "We know we're not done yet," Bergman said. "There's still more work to do, and we'll be monitoring the forums very carefully following the release of this patch, looking for more issues."

The new DLC is thought to take place in New Canaan. Images lifted from a quickly pulled video uploaded to YouTube showed a man wearing pants and a crop-top and swinging a spiked club. He was aiming at another human, possibly a lady.

The images also offered a view of an expansive rocky vista and the Honest Hearts title screen.

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