Gran Turismo 5 clothing line launched

Vorsprung durch boutique.

Looking for something a little more urbane from your default gaming uniform than pants and a gravy-stained T-shirt? Sony thinks it has the answer – a line of classy Gran Turismo-branded leisure wear.

As detailed on the Gran Turismo Boutique online store, you can now dress yourself in a range of jackets and shirts all with discreet GT logos hidden away on them somewhere.

Chic doesn't come cheap, mind. The top-of-the-line Endurance jacket is going for $199 (around Ł122), while a plain T-shirt demands $24.00 (around Ł15) – and that's before you add tax and postage.

Not convinced? Maybe the chiseled model types below will help sell it to you. Great blue steels, guys.

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