HMV reveals 200 3DS trade-in guarantee

UPDATE: Specific trade-in prices detailed.

Update: HMV has clarified to Eurogamer that a 3DS costs 109.99 when trading in a DSi XL; 139.99 when trading in a DSi; and 154 when trading in a DS Lite.

Original story: HMV is offering an unmatched (on the high street) trade-in price of 200 for a Nintendo 3DS.

Considering you can buy a 3DS at HMV's website for 196.99, that means yours could be a teensy profit of 3 - albeit in-store credit.

To be eligible you'll need to trade your 3DS in by 7th April. Essentially, then, you can own a 3DS for around two-weeks for no money at all. That's the hook, anyway.

HMV also offers a 20 bonus on DS Lite, DSi and DS XL trade-ins if you pre-order a 3DS by 24th March, taking the 3DS price down to 109.99. A 20 HMV voucher is thrown in for free.

If you miss that pre-order window, you can still receive a bonus 10 by trading an old DS model and buying a 3DS between 25th March and 7th April.

It's a big push by shop-chain HMV, the official launch partner of Nintendo 3DS. The HMV on Oxford Street, London, will be the centre-point of the shop-chain's Nintendo 3DS midnight launch extravaganza this Thursday.

A grand total of 1200 shops will open at midnight on Thursday to sell the Nintendo 3DS. HMV stores will account for 100 of those.

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