Shogun 2 to "samuraize" Team Fortress 2

With a katana hat?

PC gamers love Team Fortress 2. Yes you do. And SEGA wants PC gamers to love Total War: Shogun 2.

So what can be done?


Why not release eight Shogun 2-inspired items for Team Fortress 2? Well there is no not - that's what SEGA and Valve are doing. And these eight unnamed items "samuraize" the TF2 experience.

They're available today and come as free when pre-ordering Total War: Shogun 2 on Steam. You'll need to own Team Fortress 2, of course, otherwise the whole exercise will have been pointless.

Not that you should need an excuse to pre-order Total War: Shogun 2. And we'll tell you why at 4pm UK time today.

Shogun to police, get arrested.

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