Ape Escape for PS3 coming to Europe

PlayStation Move-exclusive game detailed.

Ape Escape for PlayStation 3 launches in Europe this June, Sony has announced.

The Sony Japan Studio game is a family-friendly, colourful adventure that fully supports the PlayStation Move controller.

The Ape Escape series began with the 1999 PSone title. The PS3 game, which launched in Japan as Ape Escape On The Move last year, includes 15 stages and stars evil primate leader, Specter.

The Move controller is used as a gadget, such as the Monkey Net, Slingshot and Smasher, to help catch monkeys. You can "bash off" apes in Chase battle or attack and defend simultaneously to prevent monkeys from grabbing your bananas in Capture battles.

There are also three mini-games, unlocked as you play through story mode.

To coincide with the announcement, Sony released a new trailer, below.

First Ape Escape footage swings by

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