Resistance 3 online multiplayer shrinks

New abilities detailed. Beta this year.

Resistance 1 boasted 40-player online fights and Resistance 2 boasted 60 - how will Resistance 3 beat that?

With 16 players, wrote James Stevenson, senior community manager at developer Insomniac, on the US PlayStation blog.

Half of the 16 will play as human, half as chimera, and both will fight to achieve objectives on maps set around the world.

Losing the flab means Insomniac can create a leaner experience focused on "the fun times" witnessed on smaller Resistance 1 maps Busyard and Rooftops, and Resistance 2 maps Bayou House and San Francisco.

A "deep and customisable" progression system lets characters evolve with different load-outs and special abilities. Support abilities range from Bubble Shield to Ammo Beacon (give ammo) and Radar Beacon (enhance radar). Tactical abilities include a Doppelganger projection to bamboozle enemies (it's the Holoduke reincarnated!), and Dash, an intense burst of running speed.

Resistance 3 also has personal and combat abilities. One personal ability has Leaper aliens spring from your corpse, whereas the combat abilities can expand your available weapons or boost reload speed.

A Resistance 3 multiplayer beta will take place later this year.

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