Keep Traitor's Keep for Fable III today

Judas pay and then download it.

The Traitor's Keep add-on for Fable III has plopped onto Xbox Live Marketplace.

Gobble its digital entrails now for 560 Microsoft Points (£4.80 / Ä6.72). The download is an averagely sized 815.39MB.

Traitor's Keep gets you off the throne and back into your stinky old adventurer's boots. You'll visit a secret prison full of menace and discover that the most dangerous criminals of the land are hatching a plot to overthrow you.

Traitor's Keep also offers a Clockwork Dog Potion. Feed it to Fido as he sleeps in his Sanctuary basket - hound will he ever know the difference?

There are an extra 250 Gamerpoints on offer, too.

Fable III showed up late last year, offering adventurers the irresistible chance of becoming King or Queen. The Albion you rule bends to your will, your moral compas.

"Many more RPGs will follow between now and whatever Lionhead does next with the series, but few if any will possess half as much heart, and most importantly, whatever else they have to offer, none will have Albion," wrote Eurogamer editor Tom Bramwell in his Fable III review.

Fable III: Traitor's Keep.

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