Ridge Racer Type 4 on PS3 and PSP

I wonder if Kaz Hirai still blushes.

Really old racing game Ridge Racer Type 4 will re-release on PlayStation Network in March.

Like all old PSone games offered there, you'll be able to play Ridge Racer Type 4 on both PS3 and PSP.

There's no word on price, but PSone games can go from anywhere as low as 3 right up to 8.

Ridge Racer Type 4, a 1999 PSone game, features 321 fictional cars - possibly including Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Mean Machine 00 and KITT.

The re-release is timely promotion for Ridge Racer 3D, a 3DS launch title. Namco Bandai also recently announced new fully-fledged console game Ridge Racer Unbounded - a crash and smash-style arcade racer made by FlatOut developer Bugbear.

Riiiiiiiiiidge Racer. It's Ridge Racer.

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