Meet BioWare, Crytek, Slightly Mad

Play Dragon Age 2, Crysis 2, Shift 2.

If you can get your bottom to London on 19th February, you can meet the stars of BioWare, Crytek and Slightly Mad studios - and play their games.

The inaugural Guardian Gamesblog Live event invites Dragon Age 2 lead designer Mike Laidlaw, Crysis 2 executive producer Nathan Camarillo and Shift 2: Unleashed lead designer Andy Tudor for a day of presentations, hands-on gameplay and audience mingling.

Tickets cost 12, and the event takes place at the Guardian News & Media building on Kings Place, 90 York Way in London. Postcode is N1 9GU.

The Gamesblog Live event gets underway at 10.30am and finishes at 5.45pm with a break for lunch - a developer creates on its stomach, you know.

The Guardian's videogame correspondent Keith Stuart will host, perhaps wearing a provocative, jubilant ensemble, perhaps not.

It's bloody Dragon Age 2.

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