Eden working to eliminate TDU2 bugs

"Thanks very much for your patience."

Atari has promised Test Drive Unlimited 2 owners that developer Eden is working as hard as it can to fix game breaking bugs.

The PC version reportedly suffers from a long list of technical problems that prevent players from logging in. Console owners have reported similar issues and in-game glitches.

In-game currency is disappearing and car wheels are the wrong colour, Blue's News reports.

TDU2 is a free-roaming racer that is always connected to the internet where available.

In the game's official bug progress thread, Eden moved to reassure disgruntled fans that fixes are on the way.

"We're still seeing reports from players stating that they can't log in," said a community administrator. "Getting this fixed is a high priority issue for us and we hope to have it fixed soon.

"Additionally, we are also seeing intermittent connectivity issues with the PC platform regarding multiplayer connectivity within the game. These issues are being looked into as well.

"We'll continue to work on updates throughout the day. There are several fixes in the works that are scheduled to go live soon, once they have been finalized and tested by QA. The ETA on these updates is Monday evening, Pacific time at the earliest. Before these updates go live, I do apologize that some players may continue to experience login troubles, along with intermittent outages of multiplayer functionality and Casino games. Thanks very much for your patience in this matter. We're working as hard as we can to make TDU2 a solid experience for our PC players."

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