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Zandro Chan talks loot, levels and Chinese dwarves. Sort of.

Eurogamer: What classes and races can we choose when we start?

Zandro Chan: What's in the game now are four selectable characters: the human fighter, the elven rogue, the halfling wizard and the dwarven cleric.

Eurogamer: And does the dwarf have a Scottish accent?

Zandro Chan: Ha ha. The dwarf is unique because he has a Chinese accent.

Eurogamer: Wow!

Zandro Chan: Ha ha, he doesn't. Those are the playable characters. You can choose to have multiple fighters, you can choose multiple wizards.

Eurogamer: Can we customise them a lot?

Zandro Chan: We streamlined the characters by marrying the class and the race together. But once you've picked your character it's entirely up to you how you want to develop that character through feats, additional armour, weapons, powers... There are three levels of powers.

Eurogamer: How important a role does loot play in Daggerdale?

Zandro Chan: Oh extremely important. The way that we have our Dungeon Master set up... Loot is basically everywhere. You're able to pick up loot through performing quests, engaging in combat in enemies and just general exploration. The idea of moving the player forward through micro rewards is one of the things that happens through the entire experience.

Eurogamer: Will I ever be able to fight my friends in Daggerdale?

Zandro Chan: Right now we don't have that as a focus in Daggerdale. The game, being the first release, is mainly focused on co-operative play, which is the hallmark of Dungeons & Dragons.


Shield be coming 'round the mountain.

Eurogamer: Can I carry my character into a new Daggerdale game further down the line?

Zandro Chan: You will be able to carry characters forward.

Eurogamer: What social features does the co-op play have? Guilds are probably a bit elaborate, but can we trade equipment, will there be social hubs?

Zandro Chan: Once players are in the game world they're free to chat and trade items. There's a trading system that's in there; a merchant system that you can go to different towns, different areas and talk to different merchants and NPCs and pick up allies as you go along as well. The world is living, breathing and there's an economy there as well.

Eurogamer: Is the story of Daggerdale anything more than a pointer to the next battle - is there decision making with proper consequences, romances?

Zandro Chan: The player will be doing a lot of different things. Much like a lot of great tales it starts of small but it quickly blooms into something much much larger than players thought. Players start in the Mines of Tethyama amidst a group of dwarfs - a mining town that's been left to decay due to goblin raids.

The beginning part is players trying to get an understanding of where they're at, trying to get a bearing of what their main goal is - basically thwarting the evil Rezlus and his masterplan. But the very first thing is this town of dwarven miners being a shambles and players have to immediately ally themselves with these people and solve their problems, boost them up and help them through.

NPCs can join the group at specific points of the adventure.

Eurogamer: When is Daggerdale coming out?

Zandro Chan: Daggerdale should be out spring time.

Eurogamer: Can you be any more specific?

Zandro Chan: Not at this time. Largely that is being planned out by Atari.

Eurogamer: Is it possible to demo Daggerdale?

Zandro Chan: Yep! We are right now preparing a demo level that can be downloaded and players can get a taste of what it's like.

Zandro Chan is creative director at Bedlam Games.

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