Activision stamps on Sierra fan portal

Free Space Quest "not authorised".

Activision lawyers have pounced on a website offering free access to classic Sierra On-Line adventure games, demanding its immediate closure.

Launched in April 2009, hosted fondly-remembered Sierra titles such as Space Quest, King's Quest and Leisure Suit Larry.

According to Joystiq, Activision, who now owns Sierra's IP, dispatched its legal team to put a stop to the fun following site founder Martin Kool's decision to add iPad browser support last month.

"While we appreciate your dedication to the Sierra classic library and understand that you are a fan of these games," read the order, reproduced on Kool's site, "Activision has not authorised the development or distribution of these games via your Website.

"Accordingly, we must demand that you immediately cease any further distribution or exploitation of the Sierra Games on your Website."

In response, a dejected Kool tweeted, "Thanks for all sarien condoleances. Wait till you see my new World of Warcraft in javascript. Oh wait, that's Activision too..."

Sierra On-Line was formed way back in 1978 by Ken and Roberta Williams, making its name with witty adventure titles like the long-running King's Quest and Gabriel Knight series. It ceased operations as a developer to focus on publishing soon after the release of Gabriel Knight 3 in 1999, before being absorbed into the Activision family in 2008.

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