PSP2 as powerful as PS3 report

Could be out as early as October.

Last month we heard that the PSP2 can reproduce visuals on par with those seen in early PlayStation 3 games, but today a new report claims Sony has told game companies the PSP2 'is as powerful as the PlayStation 3'.

MCV reports that the PSP2 will be on store shelves by Christmas possibly even as early as October.

Sony is said to be "pitching the device as a high-end portable equivalent" of the PS3, with rich games content to match. Sony is apparently requesting "richer, more in-depth content to differentiate its device from app-centric Apple and Android devices".

This tallies with leaked information from last year, which suggested Sony aims to allow developers to port their PS3 games to PSP2 to create a "ubiquitous gameplay experience". Potentially, gamers would be able to seamlessly continue their PS3 gaming on PSP2.

As was reported yesterday, Sony plans to unveil the PSP2 at a Tokyo press event later this month.

MCV claims the handheld will also be shown at the Game Developers Conference and E3 2011.

The device features a high definition screen, twin-stick controls and combines physical media with digital downloads of smaller games and apps from PSN.

What's interesting is MCV's suggestion the PSP2 could "maybe even incorporate a phone, but not as a primary function".

Sony this morning told Eurogamer it had no comment to make on the report.

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