Rihanna joins the Dance Central

Blur and Janet Jackson, too.

Fresh from her somewhat arousing molestation of high-pitched Chris Martin wannabe Matt Cuddles on X-Factor, Barbados-born starlet Rihanna has entered the murky world of Kinect as downloadable content for Harmonix game Dance Central.

"Disturbia" is joined by "Girls & Boys" from better-than-Oasis band Blur, and "Control" from Janet Jackson, who is such an easy target we're not going to bother trying.

Each song costs 240 Microsoft Points (2.08 / 2.40).

Dance Central's downloadable content delivers fresh music and new choreography and routines on Easy, Medium and Hard difficulties in Break It Down, Perform It! and Dance Battle modes. Boom!

Dance Central is one of the best, if not the best, Kinect-exclusive games.

Ellie busted an 8/10 in Eurogamer's review. "So fling that dance mat out of the window," she wrote. "While you're at it chuck out all your preconceptions about games like this, along with any shreds of dignity. If you can manage that, Dance Central will show you a really good time."

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