Fable III: Kingmaker gamers gifted gold


Lionhead has pledged to reward those who played Fable III mobile phone spin-off Kingmaker with free virtual gold.

Every player will receive a huge bounty of 50,000 gold coins to spend in the full Fable III game.

Kingmaker, released in Europe on 1st October, is a free geo-location game that lets players pledge their allegiance for the Royals or Rebels by planting virtual flags for their faction using the GPS facility on their mobile phone.

Doing so earns in-game gold. Over 3.7 million virtual flags have been planted across Europe, earning players a total of over 5.5 billion gold coins. Almost 90,000 people are "embroiled" in the action, Microsoft said today.

Kingmaker will run until 1st January 2011, so there's still a week left to get involved.

To signal the end of the battle, Kingmaker players on the winning team in their country will each receive a 50,000 gold coin bonus. Those on the winning team for the battle of Europa will be gifted a further 100,000 gold coins per player.

All gold transfers into the full game of Fable III will be made on 4th January 2011, but may appear in players' Kingmaker mobile accounts before this date.

Fable III - Kingmaker trailer

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