New 3DS Professor Layton footage

Mask of Miracles sets the bar.

It's only fitting that one of the best selling series on DS, Professor Layton, should lead the charge on 3DS. And today we're offered a fresh look at the upcoming 3DS Professor Layton game, the Mask of Miracles.

Miracles tells a story from dual perspectives: one through the eyes of present day Professor Layton, the other through the eyes of a younger Professor Layton. He has curly hair and tries to stop a friend falling down a well shaft in the video.

The story of Mask of Miracles revolves around a powerfully magical mask that grants wishes. The setting of Casino City was created by the mask, apparently.

There will be new puzzles - the ones included in the trailer involve block bashing and navigating a ladybird maze - as well as gorgeous 3D visuals to ogle.

Another key ingredient for Mask of Miracles will be downloadable puzzles, offered daily via the Wi-Fi connection to keep your experience fresh.

Mask of Miracle will be released in Japan in the spring. A Western date hasn't been announced.

Professor Layton And The Mask Of Miracle

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