Bloodline Champions beta opens up

Snappy and capable fantasy arena PVP.

Bloodline Champions, Funcom's Diablo-like online arena battler, is open for everybody to test.

Participating in the 200,000-strong beta nets you not only early access to what the game's all about, but also exclusive pre-launch rewards, which include four new bloodlines added to the game. You can also rack-up Bloodcoins during the beta to spend on in-game items and more bloodlines.

Bloodlines is the name Funcom uses for the different characters (classes) within the game. These span the typical warrior, mage, archer, rogue archetypes as well as combinations that create a slew of hybrids.

Bloodline Champions itself plays a bit like Diablo PVP but without the need to level a character, pick their skills and change their equipment. Those variables are all set in stone, leaving the only remaining differentiator as player skill, i.e. how you deploy stuns, knock-backs, aim spells, treat group members and generally beat the snot out of the other team while ensuring you stay alive. It's a rollicking good punch-up with a high sheen of polish.

Funcom and developer Stunlock are aiming for a mid-January launch and to be free to play.

Head over to the Bloodline Champions website to give the beta a go.

This Is Bloodline Champions

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