Resistance 3 multiplayer "more focused"

Has been in development for two years.

Insomniac Games has promised fans of Resistance multiplayer a much better experience from the third game in the series.

Resistance 3's multiplayer was described as "new, improved" by Insomniac community manager James Stevenson, reported by the Examiner.

"It's a more focused experience, progression-based, and takes place in maps located around the world," he said. The game has been in development for two years, and is "playable start to finish on disc".

Resistance 3's first gameplay footage was revealed at the VGAs over the weekend check it out below. The game's due out in the US on 6th September 2011. Sony told Eurogamer this morning Resistance 3 will launch in Europe in September, but was unable to offer a firm date.

Stevenson said all of the gameplay sections shown in the video were "in-engine and real-time". "Some of it was with a director's camera, but if the gun was in Capelli's hand, that's us playing the game at Insomniac this past week!"

Oh, and those live action scenes that have dominated the game's teasers thus far those won't make it into the game.

"Live-action is just for the trailers only and setting the mood," Insomniac confirmed. "The game cutscenes will be in-engine."

First Resistance 3 footage lands

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