Castlevania: Lords of Shadow patched

No more save issues! Readbility!

After nearly two months on sale, the PlayStation 3 version of Castlevania: Lords of Shadow has been patched to work, fingers crossed, properly.

Save game issues relating to PS3 pad interference, Konami said, are a thing of the past. Konami has also added scrolling text to loading screens.

Details of an Xbox 360 patch will be forthcoming.

We heard in November that Castlevania: Lords of Shadow as shipped a million copies to shops around the world. Some of those may not have been sold yet, but it's a hefty number nonetheless.

That's why Spanish developer MercurySteam has seemingly been given the go-ahead by Konami to make a sequel.

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow - a 3D third-person action reboot of the 2D side-scrolling platform series - surged onto shelves at the start of October. What did Eurogamer think? "MercurySteam has managed to deliver a game that's heartfelt, handsome, and quietly distinct."

Which is beter, PS3 or 360?

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