New DLC for Castlevania: HOD

Yoko and Julius sharpen their stakes.

Two new characters have joined Xbox Live Arcade multiplayer vamp-out, Castlevania: Harmony of Despair.

As of now, 240 Points will get you access to both Julius Belmont and Yoko Belnades.

Julius as your man if you're after a bit of muscle. He's packing an extra long whip which doubles as a grappling hook. Yoko, on the other hand, is a little more refined and is a dab hand with a spell book.

Konami's recent attempt to upscale the brilliance of the side-scrolling DS Castlevanias to the big screen didn't pan out too well unfortunately. Back in August, Eurogamer's John Teti thrust a crucifix in its face and yelled "4/10!"

Those in the market for a spot of bat-bashing might be better served by Mercury Steam's largely excellent 3D take on the franchise, Lords of Shadow.

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