Blizzard: "Give the gift of Warcraft"

WOW cheap as chips for Christmas.

Struggling to find Christmas presents? Why not "give the gift of Warcraft?" Blizzard has slashed prices specially.

You can now buy World of Warcraft for 4, The Burning Crusade for 4 and Wrath of the Lich King for 8. Put those together for a total of 16.

As well as a stocking filler, this bundle handily gets everyone up to speed for World of Warcraft: Cataclysm - the new expansion that arrives worldwide on 7th December.

Some events, however, have already begun. God-like dragon Deathwing has taken to the skies and torn Azeroth asunder - a dramatic event that has allowed Blizzard - now with years of MMO experience - a handy excuse to revamp the entire old WOW world.

Head to Blizzard's European store to buy the discounted games.

Don't forget, Cataclysm is the first game Blizzard will sell through, and there are some nifty benefits to this: you can order a digital upgrade to Cataclysm now and when you log-in to WOW the data will download either as you play or through the launcher. With all the data installed, all that's left is for to automatically give you the green light to play Cataclysm from the very second the game is released: 12:01 am CET on 7th December (that means the UK plays from 11.01pm on 6th December).

This is what Deathwing is doing to Azeroth.

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