HD Remix dev's fighting card game outed

David Sirlin goes old school.

David Sirlin, the man who rebalanced Super Street Fighter II Turbo, has unveiled his new project.

In Yomi, two players use cards to represent one-on-one fights. It costs a whopping $100, but there are no cards to collect beyond the initial purchase.

The outspoken Sirlin rebalanced Super Street Fighter II Turbo for Capcom's downloadable HD Remix release, but since then he's kept a low profile until now.

"This is the culmination of years of work of design, balancing, tournament playtesting, art creation, packaging design, and exacting manufacturing preparation," he wrote on his blog.

"When I saw the finished product and how well it turned out, I was supposed to feel excited, but really I just felt relief. Now it's your turn to get excited though."

Yomi's out in January, and Sirlin promises he'll ship to anywhere in the world.

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