Sony's new Move game draws to music

Pictures and video within.

Sony's PlayStation Move lacks games - at least it does compared to Kinect. Thank goodness for Beat Sketcher, then.

Available on the US PlayStation Store today, according to the US PS blog, Beat Sketcher is a musical drawing game.

There are various modes, but at it's simplest Beat Sketcher lets you doodle freely to music - calling on a palette of colours and painting tools to make a picture.

The PlayStation Eye films you while you do this, and paints the picture in front of you. The idea is that you draw and then share the video of you drawing with your friends. Better put those trousers back on.

Sony Japan's behind Beat Sketcher, which will be available exclusively on PSN. We won't know until tomorrow whether this will be in the European PlayStation Store update.

Beat Sketcher heading to PS Store

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