Podcast #46

Splatterhouse! Bizarre! GT5 embargoes!

Welcome to the FORTY SIXTH instalment of the podcast they said probably wouldn't last 46 minutes. It's the Podcast #46.

To be fair, this one doesn't last 46 minutes, but host Tom Champion is joined for however long it actually is by Tom Bramwell and Martin Taylor to discuss the issues of the day, which include the Gran Turismo 5 review embargo.

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Yes, this week finally sees the release and review of Gran Turismo 5. With Alan Wake already released this year and Duke Nukem Forever due out in 2011, surely we are approaching the end of days.

Elsewhere on the podcast we discuss Splatterhouse, the recent console release of The Sims 3 and Tom Champion's inability to function as a human being (including in the game), while Martin regales us with stories of what happens when the women in his life play Kinect.

In the news this week Capcom's David Reeves discussed the possibility of convergence in gaming platforms, so we tuck into that, and there was also worrying news from Bizarre Creations, where Activision is weighing up its options following the commercial failure of excellent arcade racing game Blur.

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The Podcast is published every Tuesday at 3pm GMT.

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