Pac-Man CE DX, Alien Breed 3 hit XBL

Along with a demo of the new CSI.

Microsoft has been busily updating the Xbox Live Marketplace these past 24 hours with treats including a redux of Pac-Man Championship Edition, the third Alien Breed episode and a demo for CSI: Fatal Conspiracy.

Pac-Man Championship Edition DX costs 800 Microsoft Points (6.80 / 9.60) and promises to spice up Eurogamer office favourite Pac-Man Championship Edition with new visuals and sounds and a larger number of mazes. Queue it up if you're so inclined.

Alien Breed 3: The Descent also costs 800 MSP and you can queue that too if you fancy another go-round slaughtering monsters in the deep dark of space. Check out our reviews of Alien Breed Evolution and Alien Breed 2: Assault to see whether it's up your street.

Meanwhile, the CSI: Fatal Conspiracy demo invites you to investigate a dead body in a car, then proceed to your moodily lit laboratory, flirt with colleagues and perform complex forensic examinations in seconds while trendy music plays in the background. Probably.

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