And Japan's most-played console is…

Hint: It's not the Xbox 360.

The PlayStation Portable is the most-played videogame console in Japan, according to a new poll.

The Tokyo Game Show polled 1171 attendees at this year's event and asked them which consoles they currently play the most (thanks, Kotaku).

18.7 per cent said they played Sony's PlayStation Portable the most. The PlayStation 3 comes in at second with 13.7 per cent, and the DS/DS Lite in third with 13.1 per cent.

The results come as no surprise – the PlayStation Portable has been a huge success in Japan, fuelled by Capcom's Monster Hunter phenomenon.

It's interesting to note that the PlayStation 2 figures ahead of the Xbox 360 – should Microsoft give up?

And spare a thought for the embattled download-only PSPgo, which a whopping 0.3 per cent of respondents said they played the most. Sniff.

  • No reply: 34.3
  • PlayStation Portable: 18.7
  • PlayStation 3: 13.7
  • Nintendo DS/DS Lite: 13.1
  • Nintendo DSi/DSi XL: 6.7
  • Nintendo Wii: 4.7
  • PlayStation 2: 4.4
  • Xbox 360: 3.8
  • PSPgo: 0.3
  • GameBoy Advance (SP): 0.2
  • PlayStation: 0.2
  • Nintendo GameCube: 0.0

Also worth highlighting: Only 7.7 per cent plan to buy the PlayStation Move, while 6.3 per cent will buy Kinect.

Entirely predictable: a whopping 70.2 per cent own a PlayStation 2 – top of the most-owned list. Not surprising for a console that still sells despite being older than the dinosaurs.

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