Epic Mickey "best-looking Wii game ever"

Boasts Warren Spector.

A confident Warren Spector reckons Epic Mickey is the best-looking Wii game ever.

Take that Super Mario Galaxy 2 and House of the Dead: Overkill.

"I think this is the best-looking Wii game ever. I think graphically it hits a bar that the best Disney stuff has to hit," Spector told MCV.

"I think that will appeal to people. At the end of the day, Disney fans and non-Disney fans alike will come away with a greater appreciation of Disney's creative heritage.

"This does not play or feel like any other game, but the gamer can make it feel like a Mario game, or a Zelda game. They determine the pace of play."

Close to 275 people are working on Epic Mickey with Warren Spector, who created seminal first-person RPG Deus Ex.

Out at the end of the month, Epic Mickey features a more mischievous Mickey than we're used to. In-game footage is below.

Epic Mickey in-game footage

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