Vote for Stronghold 3's dead animal ammo

You herd.

Firefly Studios has launched a competition to find the dead animal it'll use as ammo in PC castle building strategy game Stronghold 3.

Fans are being urged to vote for one of four dead animals on the game's Facebook page: senile donkey; cage of rabid otters; retired dancing bear; and sack of diseased badgers. The winning entry will become ammunition for trebuchets in the game. Really.

"Medieval sieges were often just long periods of people doing nothing," explained designer Simon Bradbury.

"The besiegers would sometimes catapult all manner of things over the walls, in the hope of causing disease and panic, or possibly just to relieve the boredom. Traditionally we've had a deceased cow as alternative trebuchet ammo but in Stronghold 3 we're taking massive development leaps by offering several dead animals to choose from. Once again, I must stress they're already dead before being launched skywards. They're no more. They have ceased to be. Bereft of life."

With Stronghold 3 British developer Firefly promises "a significantly improved" engine that will look better and introduce fresh "gameplay elements".

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