Metal Gear Rising for 2012?

"We've never put a release date on it."

Kojima Productions' slice-em-up Metal Gear Rising will be released in 2012, according to Kotaku.

While Konami issued a no comment on the story to Eurogamer this morning, it did point out that it is yet to slap a release window of any kind on the game.

Rising was announced in the summer of 2009. Players assume the role of Raiden, the divisive cyborg samurai star of Metal Gear Solid 2, and slice stuff up including human enemies with a deadly sword.

Of note is the plan to release Rising on PC and Xbox 360 as well as PlayStation 3 Metal Gear Solid 4 was a PS3 exclusive.

In September producer Shigenobu Matsuyama told Eurogamer he fears people may overreact to the game in the same way some did when Grand Theft Auto first burst onto the scene.

Metal Gear Solid: Rising trailer

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