No Christmas price cut for Wii

Iwata relying on bundles, great games.

There's no price cut planned for the Wii this year according to Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata.

Iwata told The Associated Press, "Of course, we cannot say it will never happen, but we are not thinking of it for the near future."

However, he did concede that a purchase incentive was required to attract new buyers.

"Those who really wanted it would have already bought it," he explained, "so now we need to reach those who considered it but never got around to buying it."

Iwata believes that incentive is coming in the form of the recently announced red Wii bundle, which adds New Super Mario Bros. Wii, the original Donkey Kong and a Wii Remote Plus to the standard Wii Sports package.

Nintendo's Christmas games line up for the Wii includes Donkey Kong Country Returns, Wii Party, GoldenEye 007, Epic Mickey, Sonic Colours and Just Dance 2. Japan and the USA also have Kirby's Epic Yarn, though Europe has to wait until 2011 for that.

Investors will be hoping Iwata's strategy is the right one. Sales of the Wii, which currently retails for around 150, have shown steady decline of late.

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