Podcast #43

Fable III! BlizzCon! Heightened enthusiasm! P42!

Good news everyone - following last week's disgracefully tepid display from returning podcast host Tom Champion, order and, more importantly, enthusiasm has been restored for this 43rd instalment of our award-losing weekly production.

Yes, host Champion is joined by Eurogamer editor Tom Bramwell, fresh from a spell in the wonderful world of Albion, and reviews editor Oli Welsh, not so fresh after coming straight to the office from the airport on his way back from BlizzCon.

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The gang gets stuck in to Fable III, reviewed on the site today, and talk about its boundless charm, unspoiled by the bleakness that pervades every other role-playing game these days. The law of diminishing returns may be kicking in to some degree, but there's still plenty to enjoy.

Our attention then turns to BlizzCon, where Oli saw and played Diablo III at the expense of sleep, socialising and even a free Tenacious D concert, and had interesting conversations with Blizzard about Defence of the Ancients - specifically Valve's decision to trademark the name.

There's even time for a busty Forum Affairs, although it does descend into a series of incoherent rants about videogame characters who offend Bramwell (pretty much all of them, by the sound of it).

Oh, and this week's a double code giveaway too, including a redeemable for God of War: Ghosts of Sparta, which isn't even out yet. Love.

The Podcast is published every Tuesday at 3pm UK time.

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