No Shaun White Blu-ray mishap here

Sony's misprint restricted to US.

Sony America fudged the production of Shaun White Skateboarding on Blu-ray causing a delay. Thankfully, the problem won't spread to Europe and halt Friday's launch.

"Please be reassured that the situation is specific to the US and does not affect EMEA [Europe, the Middle East and Africa]," a spokesperson told Eurogamer this morning.

In the US, Sony America publicly apologised (via Kotaku) for printing "the wrong version" of Shaun White Skateboarding on the Blu-ray disc.

The platform holder recalled the stock and promised to have proper copies in shops by this weekend.

Shaun White Skateboarding is Ubisoft's first foray into wheeled boarding. The game's hook is being able to transform cities from lifeless monochrome husks into vibrant, colour splashed playgrounds.

SWS will be available on PC, Wii and Xbox 360 as well.

Shaun White Skateboarding launch trailer

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