Prof. Layton VS Phoenix Wright is real

And on the 3DS.

Level-5's announced a 3DS Professor Layton Phoenix Wright crossover game.

It's called Professor VS Gyakuten saiban, and is a joint effort by Level-5 and Capcom, according to 1UP.

At a press conference in Tokyo the Japanese developer showed anime cut scenes. It's described as a combination of puzzles and crime mystery.

Shu Takumi, the main developer of the core Ace Attorney series, is in charge of writing the game's scenario. He used the key word "Majo Saiban" or "Witch Trial" in English, while on stage.

Level-5's president Akihiro Hino described the crossover as like two TV shows getting together and making a movie.

A somewhat shakey snap of an image of the game taken from Level-5's conference is below. Yes, we know. Bonkers.

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