Blue Toad Murder Files half price

For two weeks only.

Relentless Software's halved the price of the final three episodes of its very English detective quiz game Blue Toad Murder Files.

The Episode 4-6 Bundle of Blue Toad will be available for 4.99 ($7.49) for two weeks starting today.

The first episodes of the PlayStation 3 exclusive were released in December 2009. Christian Donlan awarded it 8/10 in Eurogamer's review.

The Episode 1-6 bundle is available for 17.99. There's an upgrade bundle, too, which costs 16.99. Anyone who's bought episode 1 can benefit from it.

Individual episodes cost 4.79.

Relentless' executive director Andrew Eades said: "The detectives amongst you will have figured out that gamers can get the whole season for under 15! And everybody who has enjoyed episodes 1-3 can now complete the series and solve the mysteries in Little Riddle for a mere 4.99."

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