New Panasonic MMO handheld inbound

Run BSG Online, RuneScape and more.

Panasonic has begun trailing a new handheld games machine called the Jungle "designed specifically for online gamers".

Judging by a mixture of official information and images dug up by Gizmodo, Jungle is a rugged-looking clamshell portable with a QWERTY keyboard, touch pad and directional pad. It also sports HDMI and USB ports and shoulder buttons.

The high-resolution screen is reportedly very impressive and the device is rumoured to run the Linux operating system.

The official site indicates that it will work with upcoming SyFy browser-based MMO Battlestar Galactica Online, and the site also mentions RuneScape. The Jungle page says it is "working with leading online game developers to create some exciting new content".

"We began this journey by asking gamers what they wanted," it says as part of a 'manifesto'. "Almost unanimously, we heard calls for online gaming products. Some gamers wanted a handheld, some wanted new content, others new experiences (one dude wanted a tattoo of the Kalphite Queen). In response, the Jungle was born."

More details are set to follow soon.


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