Freemium Capcom Arcade for iPhone

Buy tokens and play SFII and others.

Capcom has unveiled plans for a new freemium iPhone arcade game compilation.

Capcom Arcade is due out this November and allows you to play Ghouls 'N Ghosts, Commandos, 1942 and Street Fighter II.

The initial download will be free and includes three tokens, which you can pump into virtual arcade machines for each game to play them.

When you run out of tokens, you can either buy some more or fork out a premium fee for unlimited access to the machine in question.

Capcom will also provide a handful of free tokens each day to tempt you to continue playing, and plans to add more arcade cabinets to the package each month.

Meanwhile, Capcom has said it will update the iPhone version of Street Fighter IV with improved multiplayer functionality and a new, unnamed character this autumn.

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