US shops date Duke Nukem Forever

February next year.

Gearbox shooter Duke Nukem Forever will be released in February, according to US shops.

Both Amazon and Gamestop have pegged the hotly anticipated FPS for a 1st February release (thanks Kotaku).

Gearbox labelled the dates "placeholder".

Last month 2K Games announced Borderlands creator Gearbox had assumed control of Duke Nukem Forever after more than a decade in development hell.

"We're in the polishing phase now," Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford said. "This is a game where we can not make a promise we can not fulfill. We need to get past the shock and awe and then we can go to all the retailers and first parties and work out a launch plan."

Original creator 3D Realms went bust in 2009 after working on Duke Nuken Forever for hundreds of years. Publisher Take-Two sued the developer for failing to deliver the game in a reasonable time frame. They settled in May.

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