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This just got real.

It doesn't slow down over the weekend either. Saturday begins with Media Molecule showing LittleBigPlanet 2 before Guerrilla Games takes over to show off Killzone 3 - neither due out until 2011. After that Sonic's dad Yuji Naka is on before inXile and id Software again. Sunday closes the show with presentations of MotorStorm Apocalypse, Enslaved, The Witcher 2, Shogun II: Total War and, of course, the third showing of RAGE.

Playable Games

When we started the Expo we did it because we were sick of queuing for four hours at trade shows to play that one game we wanted to play - or, worse, to watch a video of that one game we wanted to play. Our goal was to have as many of the games we wanted to play as possible in one place, and for everyone who turns up to be able to get time with the one they want.

This year's line-up should give you plenty to work with. Microsoft has brought Kinect and four of its launch titles, not to mention Gears of War 3's multiplayer Beast mode and a series of demos from Fable III. Sony is here with Killzone 3, LittleBigPlanet 2, MotorStorm Apocalypse, Gran Turismo 5 and a raft of 3D and Move titles. Nintendo has Donkey Kong Returns, Kirby's Epic Yarn and the new Professor Layton.

Third parties are keen to get in on the act too. Bethesda's brought Brink - one of the stars of last year's Expo even though it wasn't on the show floor - so you can finally play it, and you can also play Hunted and - shiver - Fallout: New Vegas several weeks ahead of its release.

Electronic Arts has brought Dead Space 2, Dragon Age II, Medal of Honor, Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit and even FIFA 11 - released today. Konami's here with Castlevania and Pro Evolution Soccer 2011, SEGA's brought Vanquish, Rock Band 3 is playable from MTV (apologies in advance for our vocals), and Ellie's very excited about Just Dance 2. Good thing it's also playable at the Expo then.


The calm before the storm on Thursday.

It's not just the big boys either. The Indie Games Arcade has brought us the likes of Joe Danger and, er, War Twat in the past. This year's unsung heroes include Frozen Synapse, the latest game from Rolando developer HandCircus, Swimming Under Clouds and Scoregasm.

What Else?

You can even get a job. The Career Fair brings you face to face with developers and universities who can advise you on how to find work in the industry - with the likes of Creative Assembly, Crytek, Rare, SEGA and Sports Interactive on hand to chat. There are also numerous meet-ups at or around the Expo. You could meet our friends at Rock, Paper, Shotgun, for instance.

While you're on the floor, you should also keep an eye out for the Challenge Zone, where you can compete to win prizes in games like FIFA 11, Gran Turismo 5, Marvel vs. Capcom 3 and the imperious Trials HD. Look out for Eurogamer staffers slacking off and trying to assert their skills in-between shouting into walkie-talkies and crying in the break room.

Whatever you end up doing, if you're coming to the Expo then we hope you have a great time. If you need help with something just grab one of our staff or helpers - we'll be in the blue Expo shirts with STAFF on the back - and if you're a fan of the website too then why not pop along to the Ask Eurogamer panel on Saturday at 4pm when myself, deputy editor Ellie Gibson and our managing director Rupert Loman will be answering questions about the Expo, Eurogamer, games journalism and, well, anything decent.

Thanks so much for your support and make sure you let us know what you like and don't like about the Expo so we can make it even bigger and better next time. Expo!

For a complete rundown of what's happening and what you can play and see at the Eurogamer Expo, check out the Eurogamer Expo website or pick up the show guide.

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