Beefy SupCom 2 DLC released

Cybran Monkeylord! Super Triton! Loads.

Square Enix has released the Infinite War Battle Pack for Supreme Commander 2.

It costs 800 Microsoft Points on Xbox Live and Ł7 on PC.

Inside are maps, units, experimentals, upgrades and boosts - the lot.

Of the maps, six are four-player - Way Station Zeta, Rigs, Etched Desert, Seraphim Isles, Igneous, Tourneydome - and two are two-player: Desolatia and QAI Labs.

Among the new experimentals are a Cybran Monkeylord - "If this unit makes it to your base, you're already dead"; Super Triton - "ultra-battleship bristling with humongous cannons" and Illuminate Sooprizer - "mega-gunship" with "devastating" direct-fire.

Supreme Commander 2 was released in March. Eurogamer liked it to the tune of 8/10.

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